Tuesday, 5 June 2012

AhmadBtgrw: BOKO HARAM

AhmadBtgrw: BOKO HARAM:     Boko Haram a phrase that is now on the lips of many Nigerians but the sad and funny thing is, not many Nigerians know much about this "...

AhmadBtgrw: ISLAM AND MUSLIMS: two different things

AhmadBtgrw: ISLAM AND MUSLIMS: two different things:   Islam, the word is derived from the Arabic word "salema" which means peace, purity, obedience and submission. So in religious sense it me...

ISLAM AND MUSLIMS: two different things

  Islam, the word is derived from the Arabic word "salema" which means peace, purity, obedience and submission. So in religious sense it means submission to the will of Allah and His laws. While on the other hand, Muslim is the adherent of  Islam, that is someone who submits himself to the will of Allah and obeys his laws, given these two definitions we can cay they are two different things, but they are interrelated! 
   Im not a scholar so i wont discuss about the theology or even go far into this, im just going to talk about what the world sees Muslims today and what really Islam is given the Islamic fundamentalism and Western/Jewish stands on this. But also to be a Muslim you have to follow the Quran and also the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) which are the sunnah and the hadith. 
   In these two books, Quran and Hadith none has preached about violence, they are all preaching about peace, even when living with non Muslims, but when it comes to war, Islam has given its stands on that and Muslims are to follow these rules, so even if in war there are conditions on how to fight doesnt this say good about this religion?  Even when it comes to this religion, Allah said " there is no compulsion in religion" 2:256 and at same time Allah said "the only religion in the sight of Allah is Islam"........you can choose to be a Muslim, no one will force you, no one will fight you, but before you judge Islam not Muslims learn about it!
  But the world we live today doesnt recognize this, any small thing they have a go at Muslims, if today a Muslim kills 2 people the world world will talk about it, if tomorrow a US drone kills 30 people in Afghanistan no one will talk about it why? Simply because we Muslims are asleep our leaders have been westernized and we dont have media outlets to carry out our "propaganda". Dont get me wrong here, im not saying its ok to kill or when they kill one Muslim we should also attack and kill, the Quran says "Goodness and Evil can never be equal, repel evil with what is good...." 41:34
   So we can see we are not taught to even fight back, but then it is true that some Muslims have carried out many attacks even on fellow Muslims, we cant say they are not Muslims, they are but what they are doing is WRONG and we are praying for them to change, this doesnt mean all Muslims are bad or terrorists! When Hitler, Mussolini and Bonaparte led people to wars which killed many did anyone blame their religion? Jews are busy attacking killing and destroying Palestinians and their land, why is no one talking, isnt that terrorism? Seriously i dont blame the media and the west for this, i blame us Muslims for not showing them the beauty of Islam for not protecting this religion. If it were our families people were criticizing we would have done something! this is just sad and pathetic!
   Dear fellow Muslims it is not too late to change things, lets show the world the good side of us, the teachings of our Holy Quran and what the Prophet taught us. May Allah make us better Muslims and continue to guide, help and protect us in the best manner......Ameen


   Boko Haram a phrase that is now on the lips of many Nigerians but the sad and funny thing is, not many Nigerians know much about this "BOKO HARAM". Before i say much, i would like to make somethings clear, i dont belong to any political party, i didnt vote any person, all i know is im a Nigeria but a Northerner........hmm but being a Northerner doesnt mean anything im the same with a Southerner and Westerner.
   So haven said that, im not writing this to blame any one or even take sides, but to just point out certain things and ask few questions. Whats is Boko Haram, who are the members, where did they originate from, who are pulling the strings, these are questions that Nigerians have been asking for months now, but the sad thing is we cant get answers from "anyone"!!! Those with the resources to investigate and pull out these cowards are not talking, whenever they go close to saying something, something "diverts" them!
   To be frank we cant continue like this, people are been killed, attacked, houses are burnt, women are becoming widows, kids becoming orphans in many parts of Nigeria and still no one has been brought to account for all these acts! why? but why?? 
   As im writing this, there is no Nigerian that can say much about this Boko Haram, all we hear is, "they are muslims from the North", the next day someone will come up with "it is the Government itself".........ok yea they are Muslims from the North or part of the Government, but point them out, that is what we Nigerians want, or are they too big? .....i guess they are too big because even the President said he fears there are Boko Haram members in the Government, guess this says it all about them being too big to be fished out....but wait cant we get big fishing nets for these big fishes?
    Boko Haram started as group against Westernization and Western Education, but then why would a group like that start fighting, killing innocent people. This is a question that needs an answer, another thing is a group of "mallams" all of a sudden with arms and bombs! how did they acquire them, who financed them, where are the arms coming from, what boarder, so you can see these are simple questions that some people need to answer and yet we not getting answers!
    The sad thing is, this group of cowards is spreading, started in one state now it has reached many, it will continue to expand until it is contained, but by then ask yourself how many would they have killed? I have said this before, given our leadership in Nigeria we can only STOP Boko Haram in 2015 when we vote a capable leader but before then, who knows what would have happened? Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Nigerians it is time to come together and act towards stopping these cowards, prayers alone wont help, as for the Government, it is time to fish out these big fishes and hold them accountable! long live Nigeria, may God Almighty make it possible for them to stop and repent and if they dont God expose them and crush them down! Amen!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


  3rd June 2012, another day that many Nigerians will never forget not because there were some development in the country but because of the tragedies the day came with. Earlier, in the neighboring country of Ghana a cargo jet crashed and the President within hours visited the site where many died, that enough was a tragedy for Nigeria because Ghana is our neighbor or lets say ''sister''
  Then in the morning, a sad event which is becoming normal or part of the headlines in recent months came up "BOMB BLAST IN A CHURCH" .This is very sad that, the attackers decided to hit a place of worship, RIP to those who lost their lives and for those who survived, we are wishing them fast recovery, on the other side for those who are carrying out these acts may God Almighty expose them and crash them to ground........a reader will say "this is harsh" .....no its not!! until your close one becomes a victim of this!
    But i'm not here to write about those who carried out the attack or even point them out, because to go into this requires a lot, lets not forget even our President and his Defense circle still can't say much about that, given the resources they have to inquire about this.
   Later in the day, I started seeing tweets and also updates on bbm about plane crash in Lagos, i immediately went to Aljazeera, and to my surprise the news was already there, and believe me at that point people were complaining that NTA and other domestic networks were not reporting on anything! SAD SAD SAD!!!....this is another aspect i don't want to talk about because Nigeria has many problems.
   What so ever happened to the plane that is not for us to judge, as someone with little knowledge in my religion I know that there is destiny, and when something is destined to happen it will, for this i will take it as a tragic destiny. May their souls rest in perfect peace, if we have survivors may God see them through. Given the events that unfolded i decided to call this Sunday a Black Sunday, citizens from all corners of the country should come together and pray for our nation. we should mourn united!
   Then the last thing I want to address is, lets watch and see how long it would take the President to react to the following tragedies and also how long it would take for investigation, as im writing this like 4 hours after the crash, no word from aviation sector or police! enough lives have gone this year, time to hold some responsible! Long Live Nigeria, we pray for better days than this and the unity of our country!

Thursday, 26 April 2012


AhmadBtgrw: WE MUSLIMS OF TODAY:   The rapid change in Islam is something that you cant ignore, it is something that is happening without most of us noticing, some noticed ...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


  The rapid change in Islam is something that you cant ignore, it is something that is happening without most of us noticing, some noticed but yet to point out but we are all at fault. One of the basics  of Islam is correcting your brother or sister when he/she is wrong. We can also say the changes are of two types, some positive and some negative for everything that has got pros must have cons.

  But this is not about the positive changes but the negatives changes and things that are influencing Muslims today. The whole concept of being a pious Muslim is in the heart and no one can judge but Allah(swa) but in some cases people can point out things that make a Muslim a bad Muslim through what you see and hear. As such, i want to point out some of the wrongs that We Muslims Of Today do, some consciously while some unconsciously. Lets take for instance how we dress especially our sisters not only in the West but in Arabian countries.
   How many of our sisters go out without covering the head? how many cover their "aura" (private parts)?? I have been to Cairo which is an Arab country, but the saddest thing is not only seeing arab girls moving around with their body exposed but telling you that its a liberal country and is not compulsory to cover your body! You see, this is the price of civilization and westernization and it is seen as FREEDOM. Lets change topic to something else so that our sisters will not think we are having a go at their "FREEDOM". 
  Another aspect is the social life. These days Muslims both ladies and gentlemen now have a new way of life which is totally against Islam and its teachings. We smoke, drink, party and even the way we relate with the opposite gender. Now we live in a world where if you cant shake, hug, kiss and sometimes even have sex with opposite gender you are "dulling'! It is so sad that Muslims have now adopted all the nonbelievers ways of life, to cut it short even some dont do what some Muslims do now.
    Lets turn to the religious practices, how many of us pray 5 times a day, even if you do you pray in congregation, do you pray on time? Let me ask us all do we fast voluntarily? Do we find time to recite Quran everyday no! But we spend the whole day tweeting chatting or even watching series. Im not perfect no one is but it is time to change, its never too late! May Allah make us beta Muslims..ameen